The Kidney Experts, PLLC


Are you not helping anyone when that’s what you want to do?
Medical Assistant (MA) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Come join folks deeply motivated to deliver the best patient experience - an experience like no other!

Typical Duties Include

  • Communicating with other members of the patient's care team to share in the management of the patient. This can include making outgoing referrals and pulling medication changes, results of labs and procedures, as well as interactions with other clinic’s nursing staff and providers.
  • Ensuring the accuracy of work related to information entered into the chart, gathered from the patient, and shared with the providers you would work closely with in managing the patient.
  • Participating in a team effort to slow down kidney disease progression. Nobody expects you to know everything at the beginning, but you will learn a lot as you become a member of The Kidney Experts family! We all support each other with one goal of delivering the best patient experience possible!

Imagine patients telling their friends and family to visit a kidney specialist just to experience being a patient - Well, that’s our goal! And it starts with YOU! We’ve had folks leave other medical practices, gas stations, IT companies, 911 dispatch centers, and a veterinarian clinic for the opportunity to have the experience of impacting care in the lives of folks in our community!

Job Characteristics

  • Unambiguous work direction Completing tasks from start to finish Concern for getting work done on time and correctly
  • Extremely task-oriented. High standards of quality and accuracy
  • Adhering to established guidelines and procedures. Requires a high degree of information gathering before making a decision. Must be comfortable in making decisions in an area of specialty or expertise
  • Reserved, factual, formal, and sincere communication Look to management for direction in areas outside of expertise
  • Strong follow-through on delegated tasks and assignments Following established policies and procedures and expecting others to do the same. Leads by example: is the technical expert in the area and does work required of subordinates.

Nothing is more rewarding than the opportunity to experience firsthand feedback from the people you care for! We make a difference in people’s lives! And they will let you know it! And because you impact our community, The Kidney Experts, PLLC, ensures that we also take care of you! Check out your benefits package!

Included Benefits

  • 100% coverage of your vision and dental insurance beginning the 1st of the following month
  • 100% coverage of your health up to 500 dollars/month beginning the 1st of the following month
  • 3% towards a 401k after six months of employment
  • 1-week of PTO accrued over the year that increases after your initial year of employment
  • 1-week sick leave accrued over the year; can be used for family members as well
  • Short-term disability after one month of employment
  • Long-term disability after one month of employment
  • $50,000 Life Insurance Policy

        As an MA/LPN at The Kidney Experts, we guarantee you will help more people than you can imagine!

        Some of the hobbies of the current staff include pursuing music endeavors such as clarinet, harmonica, drums, guitar, and bass, hunting and fishing, dirt track racing, photography, videography, insect macro photography, bargain shopping, travel, and cooking!