The Kidney Experts, PLLC


Are you a catalyst for change?

Your journey as a leader is about to begin! In this role, you will be the lynchpin for success – facilitating progress by motivating and guiding a team of passionate professionals toward an ultimately rewarding endpoint. You must have the mastery to learn the Toyota Production System (TPS) or “lean management” to ensure all processes remain in flow through your determined oversight. How does that sound? There will be challenges along the way, but the resultant efficiency, teamwork, and satisfaction make it more than worthwhile! Are you ready to take on this exciting role?


If you're looking for a challenging job that requires specialized skills and expertise, this is the one for you! You'll need to be determined and able to work quickly without compromising quality. Working in an organized environment, you’ll be expected to devise creative solutions to technical problems while adhering to established systems and policies. If you’re managing others, you’ll need to show your authority and delegate responsibility while offering mentorship and training opportunities. When making decisions, you’ll need to do so swiftly and confidently while supporting company guidelines. Are you ready for this exciting opportunity?

Job Characteristics

  • Varied activities. Multiple, simultaneous projects. Fast-paced environment
  • Technical, analytical focus. Work within established standards and guidelines. Expertise-based problem-solving.
  • Authoritative, quick decision-making within a defined span of control. Based on accepted quality standards, policies, and procedures. Important to also train others to make correct decisions.
  • Communication is task-based and technically oriented. Team roles are clearly defined. The need for collaboration is minimal; when necessary, it is focused on specific tasks or problems.
  • Leadership based on specialized expertise. Directive leadership to assure quality standards are met. Delegation is infrequently required, and when required, close follow-up is essential.

Nothing is more rewarding than the opportunity to experience firsthand feedback from the people you care for! We make a difference in people’s lives! And they will let you know it! And because you impact our community, The Kidney Experts, PLLC, ensures that we also take care of you! Check out your benefits package!

Included Benefits

  • 100% coverage of your vision and dental insurance beginning the 1st of the following month
  • 100% coverage of your health up to 500 dollars/month beginning the 1st of the following month
  • 3% towards a 401k after six months of employment
  • 1-week of PTO accrued over the year that increases after your initial year of employment
  • 1-week sick leave accrued over the year; can be used for family members as well
  • Short-term disability after one month of employment
  • Long-term disability after one month of employment
  • $50,000 Life Insurance Policy

        As a Practice Coordinator at The Kidney Experts, we guarantee you will help more people than you can imagine!

        What we are looking for in our practice coordinator

        They will be:

        Intense - Restless - Driving

        We expect the coordinator will need:

        Variety - Opportunities to work at a faster-than-average pace - Mobility

        Our Current Staff

        Some of the hobbies of the current staff include pursuing music endeavors such as clarinet, harmonica, drums, guitar, and bass, hunting and fishing, dirt track racing, photography, videography, insect macro photography, bargain shopping, travel, and cooking!